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today. also, steel seeing it big pop today. the play that obama would win because if romney wins a lot of people are worried about china sanctions if romney would be pushing on china harder than obama might as result steel getting a pop. see gains of 4% or more on the day. we have today's election coverage for you from every angle with an all-star lineup live on the ground in key swing states. florida, virginia, that will be the first to report about 7:00 p.m. on what the day and night will bring. and what the outcome willlmean. this is a fox business exclusi exclusive. we'll break down the impact of all of this. advising the romney campaign. he will be with us, but take a look at what drove the market today for the "data download." stocks soaring extending gains to a second day as voters cast their ballots. all the major indices ended in the green with the dow closing up 1%. energy and industrials were the top performers while utilities lag. a weakening dollar that boosted the metals markets with silver, copper, platinum, palladium all posting gains. silver ended up nearly 3% while pa
if there's an obama win or a romney win. >> here it is in short. if we're going to get a mandate, it probably comes from are a romney win. it'll have a mandate and a little bit more executive authority to take on the challenges specifically regarding the fiscal cliff. president obama, fortunately, has a little bit of a record, and thus his relationship with the house of representatives is scarred a little bit, and that'll be difficult regarding the fiscal cliff. so in short, if romney wins, i think it's dollar positive, equity market positive, bond prices probably repriced to slightly higher yields. the option holds true with a president obama win. i think the focus and tension that will come about, we'll probably see stocks come under pressure. liz: under pressure, but then what? do you think there will be a blowing through of the bottle neck that's been there for a while when there is that clarity, and if so, who's best poised to really participate in that rally? which sectors do you think might do well? >> well, i think on a romney win i think you'll probably see large cap sto
is higher today than when barack obama took office. rich: president obama's -- the romney campaign has featured bankruptcy with the government providing guarantees proposed financing. ohio could very well decide this race. president obama returned tomorrow. governor romney later this weekend. david: thank you very much. let's bring in our panel. liz: we have jeff cleveland and fill -- the action you saw today, didn't say anything about what we may see next week and review a little perplexed? >> we sell gold and silver get liquidated. they thought that qe maybe a little shorter and its duration. as the day went on, we sell oil prices continue to decline. we sell gold and silver break down harder. that put a lot of pressure on the margin situation. liz: we need to show a gold chart. gold plummeted today. gold was up about $1700, now it is 1678. if you look at the one week, you'll get a better sense of that. what do you attribute the following gold? >> we sell strength. it was the unemployment rate not having any type of shockers whatsoever. people are concerned that vernay keys days are
of a romney premium that had been built in the market. the idea the last couple of weeks of the campaign was that romney would win and tax rates would not go up. is that premium going to be sold out of the market? >> i looked at this, i looked back and republicans started gaining steam and since romney himself started gaining steam in the polls a look of a coalition between that and what the market was doing and for me i saw it at least four to 5% of built-in romney fluffed, if you will, a republican fluffed and that is a good thing, right? other beneficial pieces to happen with the market. the bottom line is yes, it is coming out. now we have new uncertainties to deal with. not only the benefits of perhaps dodd-frank reversal and other tax rates, we will get tax increase on dividend. i think we do see at least another 4% drawdown. the probability doesn't lie in taxation, but something is going to come up the fiscal cliff, they will have to be a compromise and the compromise will include taking something away from wall street. that is sort of my basic if you will. sandra: whil well you a
president that was reelected for some reason many of my clients felt romney should be the new president and now that reality is just thinking in. this will present a buying opportunity. we just have to get through this concern period. i can't tell you until congress comes together with the president and we fix this. dave: you are looking at nordstrom and it is trading down after hours as well. robert gray will be going through the numbers. is robert available? let me ask you specifically about one tax of concern to a lot of investors particularly retirees. the dividend tax is not only set to double but almost triple as a result of the expiring tax cuts for the bush era. if that happens isn't there going to be a big move out of a lot of these high-paying dividend stocks? >> i agree. as long as it is favorable there's no reason to move but if we see 15% of to 43% we got a major problem. dave: a major problem for stocks like johnson and johnson that had been a refuge of a lot of people over the past year. >> dividend paying stocks were your best friend and very defensive of that and are al
or romney because, remember, the eve after the election, after obama had already been declared the winner, futures were up, and then about five o'clock central time, the morning, we got that news coming out of europe, groggy, that maybe this con they onin europe was now heading towards germany. david: scott, scott, stop there. you say the 400 points from the markets the two days after the election had nothing to do with the election? >> some of it did, but i'm telling you, much of the momentum on wednesday morning was due to the news out of europe, and last day or two is just a follow-through. now, to date, disappointing we couldn't hold the rally? absolutely. i tell you the traders down here behind me issue everybody is flat, and everyone now believes the next move is going to be back up. at least there's talk now between both sides in congress, between both sides, there's talk. is something going to happen over the next week? probably not, but at least the guys are getting together to talk. i'm telling you that a good portion of this was because of europe wednesday morning. >> what's th
the past month. it all started with the first presidential debate when mitt romney said cole was looking good to him. mitt romney has no part at all in national decisions about coal and as result hole is dropping big time. liz: the market meltdown. hitting a one-year low in intraday trading. is it time to run or is this a e perfect time to jump in? we will talk to legendary investor wilbur ross. david: now that the election is over, what's to america's top ceos want to see from capitol hill? the largest transportation company is joining us in a first on fox business interview that you do not want to miss. liz: we want to tell you what drove the market down in the "data download." the selloff with all three major indices plunging falling more than 2% each. the dow and the below 13,000 130 posts in the steepest drop in more than five full months. all 10 sectors ended lower by the energy. the s&p 500 fell below 1400, the first time since august and it looks like we are staying there at least for today. the first day with volume topping $4 billion since september. a lot of action. rising aga
wasn't necessarily the win of obama over romney but it assures that ben bernanke will be here for a while. all this talk about the fiscal cliff is peanuts compared to the importance of what is happening in monetary policy. >> that is correct and the fiscal stimulus not so important. ben bernankeemaintaining quantitative easing for prolonged period of time gives investors confidence as opposed to taking the punch bowl away with quantitative easing of the mitt romney as president so when the fed says they will keep interest rates relatively low we are absolutely low and some time in 2013 you have to believe that. liz: the journal says qe 4 is coming. he is coming up in a minute because he got a big scoop yesterday on q e 4. great to have you on the program. the dow 14,000, you are obviously the bull, what would get us there and in what period of time? >> nice to be on with you. i think when we look at the technicals here we are seeing a strong landscape of many individual stocks representing broad diverse leadership. this would not say if the expectations were for a fault of of
coal. there was a runup in coal thinking romney had a chance to beat president obama because he was for coal. you're still for arch coal although romney lost? >> yeah. the reason the coal stocks are down there's a con fliewns -- confluenec of things. there's a slowing in china and unbelievably second or third devra deviation winter that was worm. the administration is trying to shake down the coal companies and go clean energy. the reality is the way the power grid is set up, you can't do it overnight. it's going to take years and years to wean us off coal. in the meantime, the iea, 70% and 08% of -- 80% in the market will grow. they put coal in. >> right. ron. i know you like proctor and gamble, but let's talk about where you think, quickly, the s&p's going to end the year off? up today, a great day. where do we finish on december 31st? >> well, if the cliff -- i figure down 15%, if we go over the cliff, if we put a patch in, our best guess, looking at 5% or 10% higher at the end of the year, but then there's risk. if we're over the cliff, there's opportunity after we drop. it
of economic progress and that he needs more time to finish the job. for governor romney, argue the administration fumbled economy and urged voters to elect a businessman who knows how to fix it. david and liz, back to you. >> rich edson, thank you so much. david: forget about the sluggish economy. we have the ceo of one company that has been booming for five straight years. catamaran ceo will share the secret to his company's amazing success straight ahead. liz: amazing success? look at this right here in our studio. you're watching the tupperware ceo, exclusively with the companies products to use. he can cook too? he will tell us why his stock has been soaring over the last three months and frankly over the past couple years. hi, rick. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both runnin
on today. what happened to our romney bump? you said it was debatable to president obama coming out today $1.6 trillion digestion of the tax hike. however, we have been waiting for some sort of a pullback and they like to buy on debt and postelection. every woman knows how to wait for a good sale. we know how to shop, they all have their semiannual. trust me, i stocked up. liz: i always buy full price, i am an idiot. david: the day was done more because nobody wants taxes to go up, nobody wants to pay more taxes made with the exception of warren buffett. what is the chance of a recession really go into the down slide because the president was big to say that president would not be that effective. still a million businesses that would be affected by a rise in the tax rate. >> very much so. put this in perspective since world war ii, to look at over the last 50 years the u.s. has been in recession 53% of the time. just the low altitude the economy is flying at the last two or three years leads us to believe the numbers are closer to 30% and that number is probably moving upwards in people's
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11